The Legislation Committee spearheads the PMA’s efforts to advocate for the precious metals industry in state and federal legislative bodies. The PMA’s Board of Directors sets annual goals and agendas for the Committee to pursue in an effort to raise awareness of the industry’s needs and operations, to track and lobby on relevant legislation, and to educate Members on pending or new legislation of import to the precious metals retail industry. The Committee also seeks to interface with other relevant stakeholders and policy makers.

The Compliance Procedures and Manuals Committee focuses on standardizing compliance procedures and requirements for our retail Members. This Committee reviews and discusses best practices to implement to help maintain a high level of integrity within each retail Members sales process.

The Compliance Auditing/Detection Committee implements auditing standards for our retail Members and reports on any compliance issues discovered through auditing. This Committee is charged with developing and maintaining procedures that examine, analyze, and report on sales practices to provide substantive feedback for our retail Members. This feedback allows our retail Members to provide consistent and compliant sales practices—setting them apart from the rest of the industry.

The Compliance Enforcement/Remediation Committee focuses on addressing known issues with compliant sales practices and advising retail Members on how to best address issues or complaints when they are identified. This Committee establishes suggested guidelines for remediation for our retail Members.

The Complaint Responses Committee analyzes complaint trends known in the industry, compiles effective tools to assist Members in responding to and resolving complaints, and prepares trend reports for our Members.