Dispute Resolution

Members of the PMA benefit from an industry-specific dispute resolution offering through the PMA. This benefit allows customers of Members to submit concerns and complaints to the PMA who will then reach out to the Member for response and resolution. This benefit allows Member customers a forum to resolve issues outside of government or advocacy forums. The PMA will provide a confidential structure to the resolution process, while capturing pertinent information to provide to Committees to further their efforts. This benefits Members on multiple levels while also helping industry customers.

Resolution Process:

• Members are able to notify customers that they are a Member of the PMA trade organization. Members can publicize that this Membership benefits

customers as well by providing industry-specific dispute resolution.

• The Member’s customer can file a complaint with the PMA.

• The complaint will be confidentially reviewed and the PMA will forward the complaint to the Member for a reply within 15 business days.

• The reply will be forwarded to the customer. The customer has 30 days to respond to the company through the PMA. These efforts will continue until a

resolution is reached.

• If a resolution is not obtained, the company may elect to pay for mediation through PMA (a mediation fee would apply). Should the customer agree to this

non-binding mediation, the company would proceed in its efforts to resolve the matter.